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Standard 6 metre Container
32 cubic metres
2.33 x 2.35 x 5.87 metres

Perfect for storing the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home or equivalent sized shed, outdoor furniture, or business goods. This unit size can also accommodate a car or 4 wheel drive, small boat or camper trailer if it is under cover vehicle storage you need.

Price: $250 per month
High Cube 6 metre Container
37 cubic metres
2.33 x 2.70 x 5.87 metres

If it is extra height you need for your household goods, vehicle or business items, then this unit is for you. Suitable for the contents of a 2-4 bedroom home or equivalent shed or business goods, this unit size can also accommodate a 4 wheel drive, small boat or camper trailer.

Price: $290 per month
Standard 12 metre Container
65.8 cubic metres
2.33 x 2.35 x 12.03 metres

Our largest unit, the 12 metre (40 foot) container gives you the most space for your dollar, and the ability to store very long items. Perfect for storing the contents of a 5 bedroom home, or large office, business equipment or shop displays.

Price: $390 per month
Mini Container
6.1 cubic metres
1.37 x 1.90 x 2.33 metres

Our smallest unit, the mini will assist with de-cluttering the rooms in your home or office. Useful for storing boxed items, office files, excess stock, small furniture items, toys, bikes, and garden shed contents.

Price: $110 per month
Caravan Storage Sites

16- 25 square metres

3 x 7-10 metres (approx)


Convenient outside storage for your caravan or camper, motor home, or business trailer. Each site has a designated area that is clearly marked so you won’t have issues with the neighbours. And don’t worry- all our laneways are extra wide so backing in and out of your spot is a breeze!

Price: from $150 per month